• In-house products $119 / month and a $1.199 sign-up fee

    Create physical products and services for customers to order. Set pricing tables and rules. Add product options and variations. Create groups of similar products and publish on your w3shop or private client site.

  • Live chat website widget $59 / month

    Add a live chat widget to your website. Engage with potential buyers and presale enquiries. Chat with customers on our iOS or Android app, or any browser. Bonus! Includes FREE Customer Relationship Manager app.

  • Private client microsite $59 / month

    Create private websites so clients can place orders online. Style in client’s own branding, complete with logo, colour scheme and fonts. Even use their own domain with SSL certificate.

  • Projects & tasks $39 / month

    Build project plans for websites. Create step by step tasks and assign to your team. Give each task a status and track where every project is up to.

  • Public w3shop web store $119 / month

    Start selling online. Build a public storefront for your own print, sign and promo products. Style in your own branding, set your own domain with SSL. Add online design with Designer Templates from TemplateCloud.

  • Search engine console $59 / month

    Sell SEO Console to your customers with recurring subscriptions. Use our automated console to submit your clients to search engine listings. Link to their reviews, to get their customers buzzing. Give them one place to view and manage.

  • Search engine optimisation portal $119 / month

    Sell search engine optimisation services to your clients. Use our team of search experts to do all the heavy lifting and technical work. So you can focus on selling and maintaining relationships.

  • Social media manager $119 / month

    Manage social media for your customers. Create posts for Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.

  • The Geek Channel tech support $359 / month

    Get access to an exclusive club. The Geeks pre-solve website problems, create Fast Paths and Industry Insights. When things go wrong, pay-as-you-go for fixes, patches and things you’re struggling to do yourself.

  • Website builder & manager $119 / month

    Use Brambl to build websites, using a simple visual interface. Install Wordpress, WooCommerce and other sites directly to the AWS cloud. Manage all your sites, domains, certificates and subscriptions in one place.

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