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Add a live chat widget to your website. Engage with potential buyers and presale enquiries. Chat with customers on our iOS or Android app, or any browser. Bonus! Includes FREE Customer Relationship Manager app.

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  • Live chat website widget

    59 / month

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      Live chat website widget

      59 / month

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      The Pipeline dreams are made of

      Convert more enquiries into hot deals.

      Grab the enquiry

      Someone called or emailed? Note the enquiry from whatever screen you’re working on. Create a new contact or log it against an existing customer or enquiry. Get back to what you were doing and deal with it later, or create a proposal straight away.


      Up, up, up, UP, UP, open Kanban style

      A visual dashboard of your deal flow.
      Each enquiry, proposal and opportunity shown as a little card.
      Cards are sorted into columns, using a Kanban layout.
      Instantly see what needs following up and who’s doing what.

      Play your cards right

      When you open The Pipeline, you’ll see some cards in the first Requested column.

      Any enquiries which haven’t been dealt with yet are in here. Most recent cards appear at the top. Change the order by dragging the cards around.

      A very decent proposal indeed

      Each enquiry is the start of a proposal, just waiting for you to add some content. Use Proposal Composer to add model sections, or make a mini proposal. Upload files, images or diagrams for later.


      Freezing, warm, cold, boiling!

      Get a sense of how warm the lead is?
      Set how likely the enquiry is to convert.
      If it’s pretty certain, note the likely value and when it might be invoiced.

      The value and invoice date will appear on The Pipeline.

      Deal with it

      Assign cards to people in your team for next steps. Just click their little face and pick someone else to assign to. Use the people filter at the top to see who’s supposed to be doing what. Perfect if you’ve got a bigger sales team, with their own accounts.


      Chase me chase me

      Quite often, following up an enquiry makes the sale. How often do you ask for a quote, then hear nothing else? Feels like they don’t want the business? It’s easy to chase leads on the Pipeline. Press the … button.

      Then Compose email without leaving the screen. Emails are saved, so everyone can see who’s been chased. And who needs to be.


      Always watching

      Every card has a status, so you can keep track of where it’s up to. Press the chip on a card to open the status menus. Choose the one you want. Or drag the card to a different column. Turn the proposal into an order with a couple of clicks.


      You win some

      And sometimes things don’t come your way. It’s important to know why, to guide future strategy. Log the reason you lost out and use filters to see the ones that got away.


      Watch The Pipeline in action

      <to be updated>

      Watch the video or continue the tour.

      More powerful features

      Duplicate in seconds

      Made another enquiry?
      In just one click, clone it and edit the new copy.

      Share proposal

      Turn the enquiry into a proposal, and share with client for online approval.

      Chat with your team

      Privately discuss the proposal, share documents and image and leave notes for colleagues.

      Assign someone

      Make a team member responsible for following up the proposal by assigning to them.

      Manage progress

      Keep track of where every enquiry is up to, by using optional statuses

      Convert to order

      Got the nod offline? Choose which options the client wants and turn into an order with one click.

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      Proposal Composer features
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      Microsite features
      • Set your own colours
      • Choose from 100 fonts from Google library
      • Customise phrases and email templates
      • as standard
      • Use your own domain^
      • Add SSL certificate^
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