Completing an installation

Learn how to complete an installation in your WorksThing account once a survey has been finished.

1. Getting started

Sign in to WorksThing.

From the Dashboard, click on the ‘View’ menu and then ‘Contact/customer’. This will take you to the Customer search landing page.

Here you can either type into the search field or choose from the list of recently viewed customers below. Select the customer you would like to bring up. 

2. Choose the order

From the main Customer screen, click on ‘Active Orders’ in the menu on the left, and then on the order you need. This will take you to the order summary screen.


3. Book install

On the left of the page click on ‘Fulfil & Install’. This will then open up the order with the bundle and can show you how far along the process it is.

Scroll down the page and click on ‘Book Install’. Fill in the fields. Once you have chosen the date and time click ‘Confirm’. That will sync with the calendar. Scroll down and click ‘Start Install’. When the install is done, click on ‘Finish Install’. The system will mark the install as complete. 

4. Sign off

When the install is complete there’s a button to ‘Sign & Accept’. The installer can ask the client to sign on the signature pad with their finger.

The two buttons at the bottom can be used to report an issue or leave feedback. Acceptance is shown and can be downloaded from the bottom of the timeline.